Monday, July 21, 2008

Mythical Chickpea Cutlets of Glory

Yes, I made them; the infamous chickpea cutlets of Veganomicon! They were tasty, although they didn’t quite blow my mind the way they seemed to for other vegan kids. They tasted a bit wheaty, but when covered in a packet of golden vegan gravy (just add water on the stove), they were hearty and satisfying. For a little side dish, I sautéed some kale and mushrooms with onions, garlic, salt and pepper. I think next time, I might try running the chickpeas in a food processor, because they were also a bit chunky for my taste.

The best news is this is a red wine friendly meal. Don’t let people tell you vegan food is for white wine. They are ninnies! Yes, I used the world “ninny.” I would consider a European red wine with subtle tannins for this. Specifically, it could go nicely with a Montepulciano from Italy with a good amount of fruit and smooth tannins.


Ralph C said...

Your post has me ready to buy a copy of Veginomicon. Used, if possible.

My vegan gravy starts with a roux, I'd love an instant-grat add water and heat version!

VeganLush said...

Buy it!! It's the best cookbook ever (well, anyway it rocks). You probably will not be able to get it used, since it's fairly new, but it's worth the price.